Social Distancing and Covid 19 Protocols

Guidelines during games and tournament play:

1) Signage through the complexes


A) Notices

The virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to others by infected persons who have few or no symptoms. Even if an infected person is only mildly ill, the people they spread it to may become seriously ill or even die, especially if that person is 65 or older with pre-existing health conditions that place them at higher risk. Because of the hidden nature of this threat, everyone should rigorously follow the practices specified in these protocols, all of which facilitate a safe and measured reopening of Texas. The virus that causes COVID-19 is still circulating in our communities. We should continue to observe practices that protect everyone, including those who are most vulnerable.

Per CDC Guidelines, All employees and customers must wear a face covering (over the nose and mouth) wherever it is not feasible to maintain six feet of social distancing from another individual not in the same household or, for those engaging in physical activities outdoors, wherever the individual is not able to maintain a safe physical distance from others not in the same household.

B) No loitering between games for teams

C) Facemasks are available at site headquarters for anyone that needs them

D) Social distancing and signage at bathrooms and concessions areas

            Reminders of 6 foot social distancing in lines


2) Daily email reminders and on self screening and these safety protocols

            To all team contacts

            Any staff or players showing symptoms / fever are not to play, participate, or attend any games. 

            Referees to verify with coaching staff prior to each game on screening process


3) Site coordinators assigned to ensure best practices and being implemented

4)   Sanitizing stations at key areas of the complex 

            And Hand washing stations at all fields

5) Team leaders approve roster to not include any sick players – in self screening prior to start of


 6)  Team leaders encourage any sick families members to not attend the tournament 

7) Scheduling Adjustments

a)         Increase timeslots by 45 minutes between games, to allow the 2 teams that have just finished a match to leave prior to arriving teams at the same field.   (positive: allow for more warm-up time on the game field- assuming field conditions allow)

            b)         Encourage arrival times at fields at 30 minutes prior to kickoff.  

c)         Staggered start time by 15 minutes to limit the number of games starting and stopping at the same time to eliminate parking lot congestion


7) Gatorade will be available for individual pick up - contactless pickup- of individual bottles for consumption:

There will not be Large Coolers of Gatorade or water for team consumption - eliminating gathering around coolers or multiple usage of liquids from different people

8) water will be via individual bottles or the responsibility of the individual teams 

9) Awards will be at the individual fields of the finals and will not be at an awards stage - thus, eliminating large group gatherings by the stage 

10) Facemasks will be available for spectators that do not have any and will follow local governance on facemask protocols