Interested Teams / Applied Teams

2021 Copa Rayados Internacional Interested Teams


Teams that are interested in the 2021 Copa Rayados Internacional can register their interest here - where we will post interested teams.  Teams that are ready to apply to the tournament should use the links for the applications and those will be processed as well and will be added to this list.   APPLY HERE

Applied teams are listed below and are included. 

Teams that register interest will receive information on the 2021 Copa Rayados Internacional, regular updates, notifications prior to deadlines, and added to the lists of interested teams for the tournament. This enables teams to see interested teams. This does not guarantee acceptance; but, does offer regular information and updates.  This is for teams and team contacts only.

Invited LigaMX Pro Club Academies for Supergroup Divisions (Mexico):  CF Monterrey Rayados, Santos Laguna, Atlas, Gallos Blancos de Queretaro, Deportivo Toluca, Tijuana Xolos, Chivas Guadalajara. 

Invited MLS Pro CLub Academies for Supergroup Divisions (USA): FC Dallas, Austin FC, Houston Dynamo, Sporting KC, Atlanta United, Inter Miami, Nashville SC.    


LAST UPDATED : June 1st :   

International Program / Club Age Groups
International Football Academy (Mexico) Under 9, 10, 11
Future Sports Club (Grand Cayman)  
Prepa Tec ITESM (Mexico) Under 13,14,15,16,17,19
Rayados Xochimilco (Mexico) Under 10, 19
Rayados NC (Mexico) Under 17, 19
CEFUCA( Mexico) Under 14, 19
Rayados Villacoapa (Mexico) Under 10, 19, 19
UP Movement Soccer (Mexico) Under 15 
Gavilanes (Mexico) Under 9,10,11,12
Liga Cordica (Mexico) U13-19
U de Zacatecas (Mexico) U16
Diablos Tesistan (Mexico) U19
Academia River Nuevo Leon (Mexico) U10


Under 19 Under 17 Under 16 Under 15 Under 14 Under 13 Under 12 Under 11 Under 10 Under 9
AT Eagles SC (IL) Queen City Mutiny (NC) FC Golden State (CA) Monterrey Rayados (MX) Monterrey Rayados (MX) Monterrey Rayados (MX) Monterrey Rayados (MX) Monterrey Rayados (MX) Monterrey Rayados (MX)  
Texas United Gallos (TXS) AVSC Storm Elite 05 (CA) Total Futbol Academy (CA) Crossfire Premier ECNL (WA) St Louis Scott Gallagher (MO) St Louis Scott Gallagher(MO) Austin FC MLS (TX) Las Vegas Gunner (NV) FC Golden State (CA)  
    Klein Celtic (TXS) Crossfire Premier ECNL 2 (WA) Crossfire Premier ECNL (WA) Crossfire Premier ECNL (WA) Crossfire Premier (WA) Crossfire Premier (WA) Crossfire Premier (WA)  
    Houston Dynamo MLS (TXS) Queen City Mutiny 07 (NC) Austin FC MLS (TXS) Austin FC MLS (TXS) Total Futbol Academy (CA) Total Futbol Academy (CA) Chicago Lions (IL)  
      Dallas Texans (TXN) Dallas Texans (TXN) Dallas Texans (TXN) Las Vegas Gunners (NV) Miami Strike Force (FL) Aztecas 12 Medina (TXN)  
      FC Golden State (CA) Houston Dynamo MLS (TXS) FC Golden State (CA) Chicago Lions (IL) Aztecas 11 Blue (TXN) Aztecas 12 Azul (TXN)  
      Capital East SC Blue (WI) FC Dallas MLS (TXN) FC Dallas MLS (TXN) Ventura FC (CA) Dallas Texans 11 Salazar (TXN) Austin Elite (TXS)  
      Houston Dynamo MLS (TXS)   Houston Dynamo MLS (TXS) FC Dallas MLS (TXS) Solar Pre Academy 11 Hobbs (TXN)    
            Houston Dynamo Catalyst (TXS) FC Dallas MLS (TXN)    
            Cincinnati United Premier 1 (OH) Houston Dynamo Catalyst (TXS)    
            Cincinnati United Premier 2 (OH)